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Patient Testimonials  

  • Dr. Rosenbach takes time to talk and listen to my concerns. He is very helpful with understanding my daily problems. His staff is great, and I tell friends that are looking for a doctor to see him first; he will help you if at all possible."

    -Patty Traverse (Patient since 2002)

  • Dr. Rosenbach is the most patient doctor who really listens when I talk. He cares about you like no other doctors that I have seen. He hears what I’m saying, and takes the time to explain things to me. I never feel like a number or that I’m not important.

    -Sheila Tierney Patient since 2009

  • I tell friends and associates that Dr. Kevin Rosenbach is the best in Southwest Florida, and his staff is excellent. On a scale of 1 to 10 they are a 100. He is a true professional, extremely thorough and takes the time that is necessary to treat me and answer all my questions. He has helped me with all of my allergy, asthma and immunology problems. My daily life is 100% better!

    - Raymond Donnelly (Patient since 200)